Friday, November 20, 2009

ReBuilding Shorts S&P 1092


  1. Will u add more shorts here or wait?
    I already had too many shorts positions(via ETFs, down around 9% after today's pop), so I'll wait maybe 1120 to add more. Otherwise, just sit here and see how high it can go.
    I will be gald if market continue to drop from here.
    If you enable disqus, it's easier for people to comment, what do you think?

  2. Hey Simple,
    I took profits last week so I am in very small short position, added small position this afternoon but not significant enough to mention

    This is the most manipulated market I have ever seen, oil goes up, market goes up, gold goes up market goes up, dollar goes down market goes up

    NAR is the most bullshit indicator I have seen, but have not seen their report so can't comment

    if you're short stay patient and always keep enough ammunition to manage the position

    the good news is that there seems to be good selling pressure that comes into market at the top and the underlying technicals very weak, new lows etc did not confirm