Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Out of Gold Miners

Taking profits on recent entry in gold miners
After a huge move, the risks are now to the downside


  1. Nice trading on the miners. You might have caught the top in gold - at least a temporary one. Have a great holiday and thank you for sharing your market insights and trades.

  2. Hey Geo, Thanks
    It's been a nice move in Gold, gotta be happy with the profits and not get greedy

    If the market sells off Gold will sell off as well

    Net short the small caps now

  3. Looks like Black Friday tomorrow and a good return on your short positions, looking at the world markets today due ostensibly to the Dubai alibi. Futures are down more than 1% this a.m.. May be a repeat performance of 2006 Thanksgiving.

  4. Good Morning Geo
    thanks for the update on futures, markets closed today in US, where are you based?

    1% is 3% on 3x etfs, so that's fine for a couple days work

    50 3% trades is my goal, have a great day

  5. I am in the good ole US of A. Globex (futures) is open part of the day and ES is making a new low - 1084 as I type this (-2.25%). Looks like a free fall on low volume - it appears Europe is in panic mode what with FTSE problems and so forth. Good luck with those 3% trades - way to go. :-)

  6. Happy Turkey to you, I am feeling the effects of tristophan(?) now something powerful