Monday, November 30, 2009

Back In The Channel ... What Happened to the Dollar trade?

I cannot help but be satisfied that the S&P is comfortably back in the bear channel

Tech is showing leadership to the downside and on a day when the dollar is down
, the markets are down as well?  What happened to the relationship that drives all asset markets?  One day does not a trend make but this is now the second day this has happened.

Impulse Character - One of the other items that I would point out is that the moves down have a definite impulsive characteristic to them.  Impulse waves generally point to the direction of the trend.  Particularly on a smaller time frame you can see this clearly, a struggling upwards move and a strong down move in bunches.

Sadly when the market breaks most that believe they will be able to exit will not be able to exit.  Tops are a process and it certainly seems like reality is starting to set in.

Time will tell, I remain short for now.

PS  - will be travelling next couple days so I may or  may not be able to post.

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