Tuesday, October 27, 2009

About Absolute Capital

I am an investment manager and have been in the market since 1988, first with mutual funds, then stocks, now stocks, futures, commodities, currencies.

Hedge funds, asset managers, FAs and mutual funds spend 80% if not 99% of their time analyzing long investments, while we spend the majority of our time analyzing shorts...They are fighting to generate alpha with one hand tied behind their back, while my approach is trading in the direction of the trend and a goal of absolute returns.

It is a passion and over 20 years I’ve learnt many lessons.  

I have a CFA, MBA, BSc from all the right schools.  The Ivy's are useless and a waste of money in preparing you for success in investing.   I worked on Wall Street since 1988, left in 2003, now work independently.

Why Absolute Capital? No one cares if you lost 40% last year but outperformed the S&P.  Our investment objective is absolute returns regardless of the market environment.

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