Thursday, October 29, 2009

Core Principles

You Cannot Borrow Yourself Out Of A Debt Crisis
 You cannot borrow your way out of a debt crisis. Yes, you may be able to destroy the value of the currency by being more reckless than a drunken sailor, but you cannot create prosperity by borrowing from Dick to pay Harry and then borrowing from Jane to pay Dick, etc. We are creating another tower of debt in the public sector to replace the collapsing tower of debt in the private sector.

No Fiat Money System Has Ever Survived Temptation
In the history of fiat or government-produced paper money, no fiat money in history has ever survived, all are now museum pieces. The reason is that fiat money is produced (without the discipline of gold) in any quantities a government desires. When an economy slows (as now) or when a nation goes to war (which is always wildly expensive, as now) the temptation to print the needed "wealth" becomes overwhelming.

Eventually, the world distrusts man-made "money." In the end, each new issue of fiat money dies. The fate of the US dollar will be no different. Which is the real reason why we hold gold for the long-term.

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