Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Investment in stocks NOT a must for a complete and balanced portfolio

The Economic Times reports today

Investment in stocks must for a complete and balanced portfolio
'If you really want your money to grow - stocks is the only way to go'- Haven't you heard this umpteen times. Well, it holds true every time.

As compared to fixed deposits, investments in equity will pay 26.5 per cent higher returns in 5 years. Even for a longer term, investment in stocks pay higher returns even in comparison to real estate and gold. 
Investments in equity WILL? pay 26.5% higher returns in 5 years? Well there you have it... Economic Times India writers know exactly what equity market returns will be in 5 years.  And if they know what equities are going to do, why are they writing newspaper articles, they should be hedge fund managers.

They trot out Infosys and Tata Steels.  Tata Steels share price performance is shown above.  What if you were unfortunate enough to have bought tin 2006 and sold in fear in 2009? You would have a significant loss!

That is the issue that unsuspecting investors in India are learning for themselves.  Stop listening to the mutual fund industry marketing buzz and start being wise investors.

There is a time to buy equities and when that time comes, I will invest agressively.  Today is not that time.
Success in the markets requires patience and waiting for the fat pitch.  Investors entering the market today are likely going to be disappointed as opposed to investing in secure investments.

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